Terms and Conditions

Monthly payment is in advance following the Free Trial

The terms and conditions may be amended by sending an email to your email address and giving 30 days notice.

My plan is to increase subscriptions so I can maintain the same price while providing a wider range of services. However SBSS (Small Business Safety Systems) reserve the right to alter the pricing with 30 days notice.

SBSS retains the intellectual Property and Copyright for all small business safety system documents, videos, emails, seminar presentations and website information.

The purchaser has a licence to use the information while paid up.

The customer cannot transfer, assign or sublet its rights to a third party. This includes forwarding information for members only.

We collect non-identifiable information to assist and educate our SBSS members about safety and related matters.

Any disputes or challenges will be heard in Hobart Tasmania Australia.


Small Business Safety Systems are about making safety part of what we do and saving you time. Most businesses have fluctuating revenue. If you are experience a period of hardship please email us and let us know your circumstances. We are loyal to our customers. We may be able to assist you in in some way to continue your subscription rather than ceasing it and exposing you and your business to greater safety risks.

Safe Work System Disclaimer

This is a sequenced guide to help you save time in designing your own Workplace Health & Safety System in Tasmania. The information contained is of a general nature only, and is believed to be accurate and sound based on my best judgments at that time of publication. It is intended to show you how to save time in designing your safety system to manage the risks in YOUR Workplace. Each workplace and the people involved are different and therefore each system and its risks are unique.

No action or omission in your workplace should be taken solely based on the information provided. It is not intended that the guide deals with the particular circumstances of your business or entity, nor provides you with a guarantee of legislative compliance. It is up to you to identify the risks and take the appropriate action to avoid incidents and accidents at your workplace. Where you have any doubt as to the application of the information I recommend that you do this with reference to the legislation and/or in conjunction with appropriately qualified professionals or the regulator.

Neil Johnston, its owners, officers, employees and contractors do not accept any liability howsoever arising, including liability for negligence, for any damage or loss resulting from the use of or reliance upon the information provided. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or relevance of the information to the user’s purpose. Those using the information contained for whatever purpose are advised to verify the information contained with the relevant legislative source and to obtain any appropriate professional advice where necessary. The information is not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice. The user also acknowledges the information is subject to change from time to time without prior notice to the user. The information contained deals with WHS matters in general nature only. Users have defined obligations under their respective legislative frameworks. These obligations cannot be transferred or contracted out of and are contingent upon the particular circumstances of a workplace at any time.

Please consult your WorkSafe Regulator in each State or Territory for further information.

As a purchaser of this product recorded by Small Business Safety System™ you are authorised to add, modify or adjust the content to suit your own workplace and risks.

Different Laws in Australia – Important

We know that not everyone reads the Terms and Conditions but this is important.

The Safety Management System is designed for the harmonised Laws in Australia which cover New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, ACT, Northern Territory and South Australia.

Victoria and Western Australia have different legislation but still quite strong. My system is designed to provide base documents for you to use, add your risks and manage accordingly.
I believe it is common for all Safety Systems to consider the industry you operate in, assess the risks, consult with those affected by the risks and eliminate or reduce the risk to people working around you including visitors.

I look for proactive risk assessments undertaken by skilled and experienced people, then you feel that you have taken the actions of a reasonable person when dealing with those risks.
If you (1) buy my system and (2) add your risks and (3) work out how to address the risks then you are on your way to proactively managing safety.