To Small and Medium Business Operators

If you answer Yes to the following questions then I am probably the right person with the right systems for you to help you build your new safety system to meet the new Work Health & Safety Act 2012.

As the employer (PCBU)* do you:

  • Know it’s cheaper and more effective to address risks before they cause an incident in the workplace?
  • Want to have a simple straight-forward approach which works for you?
  • Know you have to genuinely consult with workers and those affected and would like a template to follow?
  • Know it is your right to select a reasonably practical response to safety risks, which may not be necessarily the most expensive?
  • Know that you can choose how you want your system to look using my templates which are ready for you to use?
  • Know that unnecessarily complex safety systems are frequently ignored?
  • Know that simplicity is the key to an effective and efficient safety system?
  • That the cheapest option is to design that system around your strengths?

If you answered YES and know this is what you need to do, then I can assist you. If you are resistant or see it as unimportant then you need to be aware there are serious fines and penalties for recklessly endangering someone, and this still applies even if they did not get hurt but could have been.

*PCBU is the Person Controlling the Business or Undertaking = Broader responsibility than employer

It doesn’t matter where you start, it is important that you do

It doesn’t matter where you start (now is the time to get it right). If you are a new business or whether you are starting out to meet the new laws. I know that a lot of small businesses struggle to keep up with new laws and keep up to date. I know that most have developed safe systems for their typical work but it is not always written down or updated as things change.

I also know that there are different views of safety in Tasmanian Workplaces ranging from those who see it as red tape, costs money and never needed it in the past, through to those who know it is easier to manage properly before you start work. It doesn’t matter what your view is, I can assist you and create a suitable system which covers your risks and lets you get on with your work.

I can show how you can build a safety system which suits you, your employees and your work site.

The first meeting with you is free (usually up to an hour) and I can outline what I think will be best for you. You select what you can do yourself and I can give you a fixed price..

I have spent the past 20 years developing quality and safety systems which are effective and workable for small business people generally up to 20 staff and some over 100. I have written over 150 safety systems and inducted around 2,000+ people to its requirements. These systems have included office based through to single operators to complex Construction Safety Management Plans. (Loring Builders Pty Ltd Hobart won the HIA Award for Best Safety System in November 2011 and 2012 with a system I designed).

  • Experience

    My experience comes from meeting managers and workers at their workplace.

    I have spent the last 10 years working directly with over 150 small businesses, run numerous inductions and safety meetings.

    During these 10 years I have listened to:

    • every comment made about the changing world of safety
    • considered numerous complaints about compliance costs, and
    •heard every possible criticism ranging from common criticism through to the ridiculous.

    However, everyone agrees that a proactive safety system that reduces or eliminates injuries is what is required.

  • Qualifications

    Member of the Safety Institute of Australia Member No. 5188 since 2005

    Over the last 4 years I  have attended numerous seminars on the new Laws, Regulations and Codes Of Practice

    •I have also completed an Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety 2012
    •Registered Lead Auditor (SGS)1995
    •Qualified Workplace Assessor TAA Training Package
    •Advanced Diploma in Community Services Management 2000
    •Qualified Workplace Coach CoachCorp (2005)

“ Neil gave us a legacy of skills and tools for staff and management to enable stability and ongoing improvement”
Michael Pervan Chief Executive Officer 2008-2010 Royal Hobart Hospital