The Small Business Safety System Packs are from $29.95 per month              

What is included? What do you get for your money?    

The 1-6 steps

To show you what to and in what order to put your safety system in place.

The safety system policies and templates for Contents page

The templates are provided so you can fill them in for your business.


All updates are included at no charge. It is our promise to notify every member of any updates we make.


We get some really great questions and we want everyone to benefit from our efforts to resolve it.


We have made some really brief and quick videos packed with useful steps for you around 1.30 to 2.30 minutes. These are designed for the busy manager who just needs the information in a no nonsense manner right now.

Ask a question

If its of value to all my members its free, if it requires specific work I can let you know. It costs nothing to ask!

In trouble, had an accident or something is not working.

Just get in touch and we will see what we have that may assist you.

Remember this is general information

It is designed to assist you so you don’t have to pay for the straight forward information we all need and use on a daily basis.


Benefits of Using the Small Business Safety System

With my safety system you will get access to safety templates, enabling you to customise all safety areas of your business, so when you have addressed your risks the way you keep workers safe, you demonstrate how you fully compliant with legislation. If everyone follows your safe work system properly there should be no foreseeable incidents. A ‘ Foreseeable incident’ incident that has not been addressed may land you in court and subject to massive fines and penalties. See my video ‘Why is forseeable so important?’

Join on as a member and all updates are included for a low total monthly fee of $29.95, you don’t need to pay anymore.

As a member I provide you with legislative changes and other pertinent information that you may need to consider in your business. This keeps you informed of the WHS changes I find without the hard work. You select the information which applies to your business.

I give you an easy to follow checklist of what to do, when and where to get further information if needed.

You will quickly set up and deploy all of the safety policies, applicable to your business, in a very short period of time. I will also included some common policies on bullying and harassment, social media and smoking.

Members have access to my exclusive collection of brief Youtube informative videos to help you find information quickly about the Workplace Health & Safety System. (WHS)

Our first meeting, email or telephone call is completely free and gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs and ask questions.

As a member, you receive notifications from me when your next safety meeting is due, as well as other updates and notifications as needed. I will send reminders for the minimum 4 Safety meetings per year. I schedule the reminders for Feb / May / Aug and Nov. Remember you may also need to hold a safety meeting if there is an incident which requires consultation about how best to resolve it.

If you have any queries, problems or just want to ask for some advice, as a member you can email your questions to me and I will respond within 24 hrs or sooner.

You are welcome to call me on 0438 709 351, email: safety@sbsafetysystems.com.au or complete the online enquiry form.

How the Small Business Safety System Works
  • Let me give you some brief answers that assist you with these questions

    I am not sure what to buy because I don’t know what I need. Let’s have a free no obligation discussion.

    I don’t know if these documents actually protect me and my workers. What are the foreseeable risks in your field?

    This is new to me and I am not sure where to start. There are some very good documents from WorkSafe which can provide a good base to start from.

    I have got a letter from a WorkSafe Inspector and I am not sure how to respond. I always ask what was the actual or potential risk to see how to reply.

    I had an accident, do I have to report it? In some circumstances yes. I have included a copy of the section from the WHS Act 2012 to help decide what action to take.