A Safety System designed specifically for busy small business people and subbies. So they can show how they keep people safe; and don’t miss out on work because they don’t have safety documents.

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Safety Meeting Agenda 5.3 with hints on what to consider

Safety Meeting Record 5.4

A Hazard Report Form 7.2

An Incident Report Form 7.3

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Introduction to Workplace Safety

Introduction to the 6 steps of building a Safety System


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Identical Incidents – But very different penalties.

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Why Trust Us

We have written over 250 different safety systems and inducted well over 3,000 people.

Our focus is on small businesses, trying to meet standards which are often designed for big business.  So, we have to be focussed on what will work for your business within the budget.

We have investigated notifiable incidents and prepared confidential and independent reports on behalf of businesses to WorkSafe.

Our systems are built on actual practical work and modified according to the incidents that have happened. This means that you are gaining the experience of many small businesses day to day safety challenges.

We have worked with some of our customers for over 15 years, completing numerous complex safety systems and legislative updates.

A group of folders on a shelf often gathers dust. The best safety system is lean, mean and monitored.


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Do you need One to One Safety Support?

Sometime Safety Issues can become complex and urgent. Please call us to see what we might be able to do to guide you on the best process.

Keep away from considering irrelevant risks, this is waste of time, money, and resources.

Focus on the risks that are present then expand your system to address the risks.

  • Prepare Incident Investigation

  • I need to build a WHS System for a new work role ASAP

  • Prepare Incident Investigation

  • Designing inductions based on Risk Audits

  • Running Inductions

  • Risk assessment, Consultation and Inductions.

  • Interviews and audits

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Recent Work

  • Conduct the investigation and interviews into a potential inhalation of Methyl Bromide (Fumigation of Fruit) for a Government Department TAS to be provided to WorkSafe TAS
  • Wrote the response for a City Council Safety checklist for a 2 person business to meet the checklist requirements and continue their work of 25 years TAS
  • Complete a EHS Checklist for a large National Contractor so a Small Business Operator can undertake a large Waterproofing project in Mid NSW.
  • Present a PowerPoint Safety Session at the ECOMIST Conference at the Gold Coast based on practical tasks and also to satisfy CM3 Audit for 26 Franchises in all Australian States and Territories.
  • Contributed to the CM3 Quality Audit Process
  • Prepared a Risk Assessment for Govinda Valley Retreat – presented WHS Introductory session, consulted with individual team managers and designed customised safety induction for volunteers. NSW
  • Wrote a Safe Work Method Statement for a Small Business to Work at Heights in a Confined Space at Cowra NSW.
  • Wrote a Safe Work Method Statement for a Small Business to Spray Material and Work at Heights in a Confined Space at Kingborough TAS.

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If you have a safety question, please email me at safety@sbsafetysystems.com.au

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I was told by the insurance broker that I needed to have my risk management plan checked over by an expert, so they could see I had covered the risks and for me, hopefully keep the premium to a minimum.
I rang Neil and initially and discussed what I needed. We put in the work together to look at the risks I could see and covered others that arose through the process.
I was really impressed with the final product and so was the insurance company, as it entirely relevant to what I do and gives me confidence in the systems I use to keep my clients safe.
I would recommend Neil to anyone who needs a risks assessment or safety system, his grounded practical approach focused on creating a risk management system that worked for me and my business.
Ben Rea, Tasmanian eBike Adventures
Hi Neil
Thanks for coming in today, excellent presentation.
Didn’t see your email until now, all worked out with the copies I had in the file.
Look forward to your follow up and getting the staff working on implementing Govinda Valley’s Safety procedures.
Wendy Saunders, Govinda Valley Retreat
Safety is a constant in our lives requiring strong awareness and skilful management. The most costly and disastrous times in our daily lives is when we are careless and unaware of safety. The most effective process of awareness and trained management that has assisted me is through Neil Johnston’s Safety Management Audit. In terms of productivity and security well- being it has changed my life and daily peace of mind as well as those I work and live.
Some tasks are completed under Confidentiality Agreements, so names were provided but not displayed
We first made contact with Neil three years ago and his impact on our business success was immediate. We were in middle of submitting a government tender requiring information on our business systems. Neil gained a quick understanding of our business and he instantly improved our safety system documentation, to successfully win the tender. The ongoing relationship with Neil and SBSS has improved our ability to gain new business and satisfy all levels of client expectations, and importantly to us, to develop our business system to keep our staff safe. Neil’s passion for workplace health and safety, his knowledge and skill has been invaluable to our business and I would highly recommend Neil and SBSS to all small business.
Nina Webb, Botanic Resources
Having known Neil for many years I recently had the pleasure of working with him. Neil is very professional, flexible in his approach and generous with his time. His health & safety knowledge and skills, and his assistance in conducting an incident investigation and providing a comprehensive but clear investigation report were greatly appreciated. Thanks Neil.
Some tasks are completed under Confidentiality Agreements, so names were provided but not displayed, WHS Consultant, Government Department
I’ve known Neil professionally for about a decade & always found him to be knowledgeable, practical and personable. He can nuance his approach to a variety of audiences, from blue-collar shop floor to volunteer to senior management. His particular gift is making the oft complex world of WHS compliance as simple and step-by-step as possible. He also appreciates where his skill-sets finish and has a good group of professional peers he can refer clients to when and if needed. If your firm needs proactive WHS advice and proactive support that aligns with broader HR and business processes, my advice is to keep Neil in mind.
Some tasks are completed under Confidentiality Agreements, so names were provided but not displayed, IR/HR Expert, Construction
Neil will always go over and above to ensure people are safe – no job is too big or too small and if folks need help, he is always available with guidance and sound advice based on years of experience and progression in the industry.

Workplace safety for Neil is essential and he’s managed to take the difficulty out of high demand safety programs (which usually end up not being implemented due to their laborious nature and complexity) and produce systems that are effective and easy to follow and because of that, they get used and they work. He fully understands that incidents are preventable and by implementing his systems, people are safe at work. These workplaces then benefit from strong communication, a duty of care and healthy assertiveness which enriches culture.

Every workplace should be safe and Neil works very hard to ensure that happens and I absolutely trust him for his work ethic – his dedication is second to none and Small Business Safety Systems has been built by him to be effective in achieving a safe workplace for everyone and it’s working.

Some tasks are completed under Confidentiality Agreements, so names were provided but not displayed
“I have known and worked with Neil Johnston for over two decades and in that time I have found him to be dedicated to a pursuit of making safety in the workplace second nature to all. To this end he has developed tools and support materials that are common sense, easy to use and help businesses to embed a culture of care among their staff. The handbook and the mobile app are a good place to start to build a philosophy of working that implicitly does the right thing by staff and management alike. If you invest in one thing for your business this year, invest in developing a culture of care on a platform of common sense and pro-activity.”
Dr Theresa Simpkin, Director, Mischief Business Engineering, Braver Stronger Smarter (UK & Aust).
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