What do I get for my membership?

Everything on my website, policies, templates, hazard forms, newsletters and you can ask questions. I will pick the questions of most value to my members and post them for free. No more to pay! Plus you get free access to my 90-180 second videos designed specifically for the person who wants to access some information right now.

We don’t all have the time to read up on safety, how about me being your eyes and ears for you and selecting what I think is of value to you.

What is in the System?

A list of policies and templates designed to meet the harmonised legislation in Australia. Tas NSW, Queensland, NT ACT and SA. Victoria and Western Australia have different legislation but still quite strong. My system is designed to provide base documents for you to use, add your risks and manage accordingly.

It is a workplace safety system which includes policies, procedures, hazard and incident forms and a safety agenda for your safety meeting. There are also a wide range of templates ready for you to fill in.

Plus you get all updates and no further cost for members only. Yes I know some people will try to access documents without joining, but I also know that your membership provides you with access to newsletters and videos. In my view, it simpler to just join up and access the ongoing learning and information. You can also show your commitment to the Due Diligence requirements in workplace safety by your membership.

What do I do first?

There is a clear 6 step process included for you to follow which I have used with over 150 businesses. It is not the only way but I believe it is the quickest and most effective way to get your safety system operating?

What doesn’t it do?

It doesn’t find the risks I have not seen. For example, you go to a new worksite and there are new risks that weren’t there yesterday. Simply use the templates provided to assess the risk. If its high risk work then update your Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) or complete a new SWMS.

Who should use it?

People who have the skills to see the risks and who need a quick and easy way to document their processes. Why is so important to see the risks? Because an inexperienced person may not document a risk and it remains a high risk. If a number of your peers in industry think that it was FORESEEABLE and definitely should have been documented and managed; then you are at risk of massive fines and can go to prison for up to 5 years. A Foreseeable Risk is the one that you must address. No exceptions.

Who should not use this system?

This system is not designed for new and inexperienced people to try to an educate themselves to manage complex risks or avoid responsibility.

Can I use it if I find an expert in the field to check my risk assessment?


Can I change your logo and put mine on it?


What is the benefit of being able to see what other members have asked?

It is simple. You can see a risk that someone else has addressed and you can avoid it happening to you. There are helpful tips we all see that save injuries and lives. Why not benefit by sharing the safe way of doing things, before you have an accident.

Can’t make a safety seminar?

As a member of the Safety Institute of Australia I attend every safety session I can. I will provide some brief notes after the session on the important steps mentioned for my members.

The real cost to business

Why is it cheaper to buy my safety system, than build your own system from scratch?

Imagine there are 100 businesses who will each have to spend 10 hours or more to build their safety system That’s 1000 hours in research costs to the business sector alone.

What if I did 1000 research hours and make this information available to 100 businesses (saving at least $1,000 per business) and sell for it for $29.95 per month? Your 10 hours is 3 years’ membership and plus you get all my important updates.

I am also always looking to see what I can find each day that simplifies, takes less time and makes workplaces safer for you, your workers and people on your site.