My reason for creating the Small Business Safety System.

I designed the Small Business Safety System for people who don’t want to spend hours shuffling papers and sorting through documentation which do not apply to their business.

Niel Johnston Profile

About Neil Johnston

Welcome, my name is Neil Johnston and I am the Director of Small Business Safety Systems, we have customers in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. I provide simple safety systems designed to meet my client’s industries, which can be quickly accessed, enabling an immediate and comprehensive WHS policy initiative at their place of business.

I always wanted to provide a centralised safety service for small business people who don’t have access to a full time paid safety person, for a small monthly cost.

Our approach to safety is different

We are different – we believe that we can supply the guides, templates, information safety updates to keep you safe and save you money by a low monthly price.

We recognise that small businesses need safety resources and information to meet their safety obligations

We want you to be able to build your own WHS System that works for you and your business

We see safety as important and we want to make it accessible to every small business owner.

We want to become the go-to business for small businesses safety needs.

We want to know ‘What are the safety questions you need answered?’ We select the most valuable and answer them free of charge.

We have worked with some of our customers for over 15 years.

By the way, if you join at $9.95 per month your membership price will remain the same forever, even when our prices go up!

The Challenge for Business Owners

The challenge most small businesses face is not only what to comply with, but how to carefully select the right level of Safety to reduce risk without creating a complex, unworkable and therefore frequently ignored safety documents.

Have you covered the common risks in your industry with the simplest and easy to use safety system? If so great. If not maybe you need to review your system and consult with the people who you expect to undertake the tasks. Plus you are then using the Consultation Code of Practice. (Full title – Consultation Coordination and Cooperation).

  • To keep their people safe

  • A simple to use safety system

  • Use the minimum amount of time and paperwork

  • Templates to map their risks

  • Documents to show their effort to comply with the safety laws

  • Able to ask a question to see what we may already have

  • See how other business owners solve safety issues in newsletters

  • Advice when dealing with requests from the Work Safe Regulator

  • Access to an off the shelf simple system which they can modify to their own business needs.

  • Most important they want to be able to run the day to day tasks without the need for ongoing consultant’s fees.


  • Advanced Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety 2012 Skills Institute

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAA40104 (upgraded from BSZ40198)

  • Advanced Diploma of Community Services Management 2000 TAFE

  • White Card CPCCOHS1001A 2013 Skills Institute

  • Qualified Workplace Coach CoachCorp Melbourne 2005

  • Registered Lead Auditor SGS 1995

  • Internal Auditor Training SGS 1995

Qualifications are a necessary component of developing skills in Workplace Safety. I believe the most capable people in workplace safety are those with qualifications that work face to face with actual business people.

This mix of qualifications and workplace tasks validate a safety person’s abilities and continually challenge their work to be efficient, effective and provide leadership in safety.

I have worked directly with over 150 businesses and inducted over 2,000 people over the last 10 years in an extremely broad range of businesses and attitudes towards safety. I believe anyone can succeed if they identify their risks, address the risks professionally and then monitor to ensure it is working. Ongoing management commitment then becomes the test to maintain it.


Success will always be with you as long
as you place safety as a first priority.