A Safety System designed specifically for busy small business people and subbies. So they can show how they keep people safe; and don’t miss out on work because they don’t have safety documents.

Why Trust Us

We have written over 250 different safety systems and inducted well over 3,000 people.

Our focus is on small businesses, trying to meet standards which are often designed for big business.  So, we have to be focussed on what will work within the budget.

We have investigated notifiable incidents and prepared confidential and independent reports on behalf of businesses to WorkSafe.

Our systems are built on actual practical work and modified according to the incidents that have happened. This means that you are gaining the experience of many small businesses day to day safety.

We have worked with some of our customers for over 15 years, completing numerous complex safety systems and legislative updates.

A group of folders on a shelf often gathers dust. The best safety system is lean, mean and monitored.

$9.95 WHS System

A complete WHS System

Safety system updates

Safety information



Safety forms and policies

 for you to use.

It’s all here for you to access 24/7 365 days per year


Upgrade $29.95 Per Month

A complete WHS System, safety updates, safety information, videos, forms and policies for you to use.

PLUS Ask a Question and a Receive a free email or telephone call per month to see what you need. Sometimes all you need is some advice to save spending $$$$$ or I may already have what you need.

It’s all here for you to access 24/7 365 days per year.


Do you need One to One Safety Support

  • Prepare Incident Investigation

  • I need to build a WHS System for a new work role ASAP

  • Designing inductions based on Risk Audits

  • Running Inductions

  • Risk assessment, Consultation and Inductions.

  • Interviews and audits

  • Follow up on minor and major non-conformances

  • Preparing complex SWMS to meet checklists from site controllers
    (Off the shelf SWMS always need to be modified to the specific risks of each site)


What if I don’t have a safety system? 

You will probably miss out on work and you are at risk. It is not just the fines into the millions. It is…


Why did I create a website with all my safety resources for one low price?

Simple. To give all small business people access to safety documents on the web that will help keep them safe and allow them to meet their safety obligations. No more to pay. There are more safety resources being added all the time.

Thank you for visiting my website

If you have a safety question, please email me at safety@sbsafetysystems.com.au

Get the Safety eBook

“I have known and worked with Neil Johnston for over two decades and in that time I have found him to be dedicated to a pursuit of making safety in the workplace second nature to all. To this end he has developed tools and support materials that are common sense, easy to use and help businesses to embed a culture of care among their staff. The handbook and the mobile app are a good place to start to build a philosophy of working that implicitly does the right thing by staff and management alike. If you invest in one thing for your business this year, invest in developing a culture of care on a platform of common sense and pro-activity.”
Dr Theresa Simpkin, Higher and Further Education Principal, CNet Training. Managing Director, Mischief Business Engineering (UK & Aust).